This is website is designed to help students who are studying for (and also teachers who are teaching) the Cambridge exams in English. It provides information about, advice for doing and things to help you do two of the main exams which Cambridge provides for English learners (FCE and CAE).

The reason for the website

I decided​ to create this website during the summer of 2016. The reason why I decided to do is because of the quality of information that is available on the internet about the different Cambridge exams. Although there is some good information and resources available on the web, I couldn't find one website which I could recommend to my own students to use which contained everything they needed. That's the reason why I decided to create it.

About me

My name is Chris Clayton and I have been helping students of all ages to prepare for different Cambridge exams since 2007. Over this time I have learnt a lot about what things help students to pass the different exams and what things don't. I have taught students for the First Certificate in English, Certificate in Advanced English and the Certificate of Proficiency in English. Although originally from Yorkshire in England, since 2006 I have been living and teaching in Madrid in Spain. I am also the owner and content creator of another English learning website, Blair English. This sister website of ‘Blair Exam English’ is designed to help people to improve their business and social English vocabulary and pronunciation.

Privacy Policy

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