Advice and Things for Passing Cambridge Exams for English

If you are studying for (or thinking about studying for) one of Cambridge's certificates in English exams (e.g. First Certificate in English, Certificate in Advanced English or Certificate of Proficiency in English ), there are some things that will help you to do the exam and some things which won't.

To help you to know what these are, you can use this website.

Here you will find information, advice and things about the Cambridge exams and how to improve your performance and confidence when doing them.

The articles and things

Below are links to the articles and things for the different Cambridge exams there are on this website. To see them for the exam you are studying (or thinking of studying for), click on the relevant icon:

Link to FCE articles and things
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Which Cambridge exam to do article link
Should you do an English exam link

Created by teachers

Both the website and all of the articles on it have been created by teachers with many years of experience of preparing students of all ages (from teenagers to people in their 60s) to pass all levels of the Cambridge exams.