Test your Grammar for the Cambridge Advanced Exam

If you want to pass the Cambridge CAE/Advanced exam, you need to have a good knowledge, understanding and use of both advanced vocabulary and more advanced grammatical concepts in English.

For vocabulary, you can find out what type you need to know by reading our article "Vocabulary Used in CAE Exams". For advanced grammatical concepts and which of these you personally need to focus your time on improving (because you'll already know some of them well), you can find out by doing the below the quiz.

In this quiz you'll find 43 questions on different grammatical concepts that are used in the Advanced exam. When you have done the quiz, you'll find out which grammar areas you really need to improve on for the exam and those where it is recommended you review.

Make sure you answer each of the questions (if you don't know the answer to some, you can simply select the option "Don't know") and try to do it in under 10 minutes.

Grammar Quiz

Choose the correct word/words from the selection box for each of the 43 questions. Click on the "Check Answers" button at the bottom of the quiz to check your answers and find out what grammatical topic areas you need to focus on improving for the exam.

1. the window, I suddenly started to feel cold.  

2.You can borrow my laptop you take good care of it.  

3.It was the restaurant you had your birthday party.  

4.I have to say that I am disappointed you for doing that.  

5.In my free time I enjoy reading, walking and going to cinema.  

6.I told him that he give me my money back by last Friday.  

7.You'd better now or you'll miss your flight.  

8.It will be the third time that I will the film.  

9.He asked me about the changes.  

10.In the end, I decided to go to the party and stayed at home.  

11.If only I those shoes. They really hurt my feet.  

12.Everything to the specifications you gave us.  

13.He drove his car to the shop instead of walking the rain.  

14.Not only you with your vocabulary, but it will help you with pronunciation too.  

15.It was the house we lived in you were born.  

16.It isn't as as the last meal which we had here.  

17.She asked him to tell her what here.  

18.Why you try using the car before you buy it? You'll then know if you like it or not.  

19.Even though she wasn't happy about it, she agreed work on Sunday.  

20.I regret you that tonight's party has been cancelled.  

21.He walked to the shop it was raining.  

22.If I had studied law at university, I rich now.  

23.She well be there by the time you arrive.  

24.If a customer asks for the price, tell what it is.  

25.Who was the woman by the police?  

26.I wish you that, it's really annoying me.  

27.Only after arriving home I had left my laptop at work.  

28.Last year I over 20 books.  

29.It was the shirt Mary gave to her brother for his birthday.  

30.That exam was harder than I had anticipated.  

31.One of the things which really annoys me about Tom is that he always speaks people. He never lets them have an opportunity to speak when he talks.  

32.She ordered him her the tennis ball.  

33.I am late to the meeting, ?  

34.She is thought the money on Tuesday.  

35. I am here, I might as well do some work if you don't mind.  

36.I don't mind here until you have done what you need to.  

37.If I were you to come, what would you say?  

38.When choosing university to study at, it's important to find as much as you can about the course.  

39.It get very hot in Madrid in August. So make sure you take clothes for that type of weather.  

40.Little did she realise how much trouble in.  

41.Over the last year I 15 exams.  

42.Anyone that electric wire would have got an electric shock.  

43.Good morning, I wish to Mr Jenkins if he is available.