The 4 Parts of the FCE Listening Exam

Below you will find an example of each of the four parts of the Cambridge First Certificate in English Listening exam

Each part of the below exam is from Cambridge. If you want to practise doing each part, I recommend that you download a copy of this exam (sample paper 1) directly from the Cambridge​ website. With the download you will get a copy of the audio recording(s) for each part and also the answers.

To find out more out about the Listening exam (what you have to do, what each part is testing you on, how much you need to pass etc...), read our article called 'FCE Listening Exam Basics’.

Part 1

FCE Listening Part 1 Test

Part 2

FCE Listening Part 2 Test

Part 3

FCE Listening Part 3 Test

Part 4

FCE Listening Part 4 Test